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Meet the partners behind Data Zetu

We asked each partner to share the stories behind their organizations and how they’ll contribute to the Data Zetu team. Here are their responses:

ss-logo Sahara Sparks is for-impact management consulting firm. We help organizations and companies to focus on their core business. Our company’s DNA is to invest in people’s talents and experience to provide strategic solutions and measurable impact. Through Data Zetu we will ensure we equip individuals, institutions and organizations involved in the project with relevant skills required for them to create, update, share and use data to make informed decisions.
tbi-logo Through ICT, Media and Arts, we engages the Tanzania community, specifically youth, in providing civic educational programs and projects based on effective leadership, democracy and accountability, good governance, Human rights and development issues. We inspire and support communities initiatives towards attainment of sustainable development through awareness raising and capacity building , and we do so through art activism, Media programs and campaigns (TV, Radio and online media), trainings, dialogues and workshops. In Data Zetu we will empower local artists, young Journalists, young political leaders and young female innovators (through coding) and improve their citizen agency via data literacy.
cft-logo Code for Tanzania uses data to give citizens hyper-local and hyper-personal information to make better informed decisions about bread & butter issues. Code for Tanzania also builds technology tools to amplify citizen voices. We will leverage that expertise to the mission of Data Zetu by empowering citizens and work with communities to build ecosystems that will provide them with actionable information to realize their aspirations of things that matter to them the most.
Free, up-to-date maps are a critical resource when relief organizations are responding to disasters or political crises. The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) creates and provides those maps. HOT’s role in Data Zetu is to lead community mapping efforts to fill hyperlocal data gaps and build confidence among stakeholders in using these maps for evidence-based decision making.
sbc4d-logo Where ICT meets social and economic development, SBC4D specializes in research & development, program management and execution in the ICTD sector. Core staff and consultants have decades of experience in programs and projects in the ICT for social and economic development domain, with a special focus on mobile and voice technologies (surveys, mobile data collection, polling, citizen journalism, etc.), on agriculture and on open governance and open data. Our objectives with Data Zetu is to demonstrate how exploitation of data can improve people’s lives.
irex-logo IREX, the lead implementer of Data Zetu, applies a people-centered approach to invest in human potential while promoting just, prosperous, and inclusive societies. This approach supports Data Zetu by ensuring that people and their communities are able to make better, more evidence-based decisions to improve their economic and social well-being.

Meet the team members behind Data Zetu

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