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Here’s what the subnational data revolution looks like

Data Zetu is driven to produce data use stories—tangible examples of local communities and governments using data to inform better decision-making, particularly to improve health, economic growth, and gender outcomes.

Read some of these use stories below. Several were captured at the December 2017 Data Tamasha in a booklet that captured use stories from Data Zetu as well as its sister projects—view it here.

Improving decision making in Kyela's local government
In a PEPFAR priority district, one local government leader is transforming his team through better use of data.
Improving community services for underserved youth
In urban Tanzania, a local leader is using community-generated data to improve his library and youth centre.
Making health data accessible in the news through storytelling
A leading media house is using data-driven tools to empower readers with facts about health and economic growth in Tanzania.
Data converges with fashion for social change
A first-of-its-kind competition challenges young artists to find and use data about reproductive health to inform their clothing designs.